Zodiacs Struggling Through the Day

Taurus You do not think you need to accomplish a million things a day to be productive. You know your best will change with time.

 Because you know you are trying, you will not blame yourself. Your goal lately has been to get through the day because it would be unfair 

Gemini Your energy is at an all-time low. You need to relax whether you can pinpoint the cause of this alteration or not. Your workload has been excessive for too long.

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You used to expect a lot from yourself, but now you just want to survive. You are attempting to push through this agony t

Virgo You have huge goals, but lately you have just been surviving. You have not been pushing yourself because you are anxious and frustrated.

You have been less demanding of yourself. You just want to get through the day and hope to feel better soon. 

Sagittarius You are superb at hiding your unhappiness, so you always seem happy, but lately it is been tougher to disguise your exhaustion. That’s OK. 

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