Zodiacs Requiring More Mental Health Days

Virgo Virgos delay taking time off work due to their fastidious and self-critical temperament. Virgo thinks rest is optional. 

Virgo should schedule mental wellness days to balance work and relaxation. Planning ahead will make Virgo feel in control and compel them to take time off.

 Capricorn Ambitious Capricorn needs extra self-care time. This diligent earth sign prioritizes career above health. Before burnout, Capricorn will not relax. 

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athey do not have to work themselves ragged to succeed. Taking a break may help them succeed.

Cancer Cancer sacrifices their health for all. Cancer is always willing to help at work or at home. However, this might usually leave you exhausted. 

. Because they do not know how to handle stress other than withdrawing from life

Cancer generally withdraws into their shell when burned out. Taking extra mental health day

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