Zodiac Signs That Struggle

Gemini Geminis appear emotionally unavailable due to their indecision. They're gregarious and friendly, but love is hard to crack. They like to chase and feel wanted

Their emotions fluctuate swiftly and suddenly, making it hard to follow. They run because being locked in a relationship is their worst nightmare.

Sagittarius Sagittarius retreats when vulnerable. They'll do anything to prevent heartbreak. Sags play hard to get to protect their hearts and build walls. 

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Scorpio Scorpios withdraw when their emotions take hold. They must feel safe with their relationship to be vulnerable. 

They keep one foot in and one out until they trust their spouse.

Libra Libra are the flirtiest signs. They enjoy offering and receiving attention from everyone.

They're nice and can talk for hours. No-strings dating is their style. They love keeping you guessing to keep you coming back, and they're amazing at it. 

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