Your daily Virgo horoscope—September 20

Your daily Virgo horoscope—September 20

You may be considering committing more to your lover today. You may be considering moving in with this guy after dating for a while.

Positive energy may come from others today. You and a friend may have a lively conversation.

Communications with new or current business partners may fail throughout the day. Emails, letters, and phone calls may go unanswered.

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The day's intensity may make you avoid certain events and interactions. Issues may be uncomfortable and complicated.

Free weekly predictions for September 17-23: Life: On Wednesday, Saturn, Mars, and the Sun support you.

Love: Your love life is uncertain this week, but you're not worried—now is the time to focus on work relationships.

In friendship, you're more open from the 15th, but love is average. Start family project conversations in the second half of the month.