Your daily Cancer horoscope—September 17

Today is powerful for you. You may be extreme in some areas, especially romantically. You may be tugged one direction and then the other

Your intuition may increase today. You might sense something at work. Perhaps you will "sniff" a deal before it happens. Or you may know how to handle a client.

You could fight a strong-willed person. The day's energy may spark powerful communication. Financial discussions with your partner can be intense

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Life: You make terrific work progress this week, and Mercury keeps your money on track. After paying the bills, you can indulge yourself if you play your cards well.

Love: Your social life shines! You'll be mingling nonstop, so you'll need a break by Sunday. It was a good week, but you'll enjoy relaxing.

Stop playing your usual games to stay in control. Avoid deceiving yourself and others by insisting on lies

 If you share your future visions, your friends will join in. Homeowners may ask neighbors or friends for help with cleaning, renovating, or painting.

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