World's Largest Cat Breed

5. Birman The Birman is a very affectionate cat breed that makes a fabulous family pet. A larger cat, they can weigh up to 15lbs.

Scottish Fold Bred in Scotland, hence its name, the Scottish Fold can weigh up to 14lbs. Sadly this breed might get arthritis in their tails early owing to genetic issues. 

 They are cuddly, however, due to this unpleasant condition, they may reject snuggles due to the agony. Please be careful of this is adopting a Scottish Fold

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Turkish Van Hailing from the Turkish mountains, the van is considered a magnificent cat. These cats can reach up to 20lb

 however are energetic and active - even loving a splash in wate

Siberian The Siberian has a history that reaches as far back as 1000 AD. Siberians are highly bright cats, with an aptitude to problem solve more than many other kinds of cat. 

They can weigh up to 20lb

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