World Strongest Dog Breeds v

The Belgian shepherd, or Malinois, is smart and hardworking, but not for novice owners

. Aggressive dogs like this are unsuitable for families with little children.  

This breed requires a knowledgeable owner who can socialize and train them early. They naturally guard their families and don't need training.

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Malinois are utilized by law enforcement and military worldwide for their intelligence, agility, and might. 

Swiss Mountain DogThese enormous working Swiss mountain dogs are calm and sociable, but don't be fooled by their joie de vivre. 

All muscle under their flowing, tricolored fur. They can carry 1,000 pounds. If you keep one, give it space and exercise. 

English BulldogBottom line: English bulldogs were initially utilized in bullbaiting, where dogs attacked a staked bull.

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