What yoga is ideal for your star sign?

What yoga is ideal for your star sign?

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius appear confident and charismatic. They love attention, which shows in their exercise style.

Have you met a Leo? They love being the center of attention. This sign always seeks a spotlight, not just through activity.

Meditative yoga helps lively Sags connect with their inner wisdom. Under all that hilarity, Sagittarius seeks higher learning.

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Communicator Mercury rules Gemini, an adventurous and social sign. People born under this sign are energetic.

Libras seek equilibrium in life. They want balance and serenity since they are easily upset.

Aquarius is known as the oddest sign. They have humanitarian motivation and are creative thinkers.

Cancers, the zodiac's most sensitive spirits, prefer nurturing, compassionate spaces. That makes Yin yoga a good choice.