Every Zodiac Sign Should Hear Before September 18

Aries Consider your emotions apart from you. Learning to separate yourself from your major feelings and recognize them for what they are can be powerful. Reclaiming the space they try to take from you may help you manage your emotions

Taurus When you reach a goal, you are often too busy figuring out what to do next to appreciate it. Let yourself enjoy this moment. Think about everything you accomplished to get here. Honor yourself.

Libra Ask yourself how much you contributed to your heartbreak. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in daydreams, fantasies, and deepest wants that reality hits us hard. We can not force individuals to conform to our dreams or keep commitments they never made

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Cancer Minimizing your pain will not help, and dwelling on it will not help either. Problems do not have to take up too much or too little space. There are shades of gray in the world, and healing usually occurs in places where you can acknowledge your pain without having it rule your life.

Leo Family goes beyond birth. The people who support you, the mentors who believe in you, and the community you develop wherever you go. Do not let a restrictive definition of "family" make you overlook those who will always make room for you. They will mold, challenge, and help you grow.

Virgo What would you do with your life right now? After deciding, plan how to get there. It may seem impossible, but you are the best at setting little goals. Although you may lack the bravery or self-confidence to believe you can do it

Scorpio There will be times when you doubt your abilities. Sometimes you will focus so much on your flaws that you overlook your strengths, like your sense of humor, loyalty, worth ethic, or capacity to make others feel appreciated. You are worth more than you realize.

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