What About the Best Cocktail Bar in Your State?

Despite its newness, Birmingham's downtown Loft District's dimly lit, lively Collins Bar is known for its exceptional bourbon collection, unique design, and handcrafted drinks. 

The bright, cheerful tasting room at Amalga Distillery in downtown Juneau is great for passing the time.

Cocktail bar with nautical theme Undertow takes you on a rum-fueled tropical storm cruise on a spice trader's turn-of-the-century clipper.

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Vault, a sophisticated cocktail bar in an abandoned bank vault, has Arkansas' best bourbon and creative cocktails. Dark, somber colors and textures of concrete, wood, steel, and leather. 

Book a seat at Young Blood, an opulent, all-inclusive cocktail event, to go big. There is no menu; bartenders choose based on your preferred spirits and ingredient

Union Lodge No.1 is a lively bar with wooden furnishings and a long selection of classics like Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Sazerac, and whiskey Julep. Want to try something unusual? 

any Connecticut residents' favorite strong drink location is Little River Restoratives, a lovely New England-style pub. Classic cocktails like the Sidecar, Sazerac, Paloma, Gin Fizz, and Aviation are expertly mixed her

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