Virgo Moon Expectations for All Zodiacs

Aries The New Moon in Virgo boosts productivity to help you reach your goals. You want to work hard for the next six months because your bosses are evaluating you.

Taurus This romantic transit will either awaken your creative side or make your love life more romantic. Beautiful encounters might help you feel more connecte

Gemini This transit strengthens family and friend bonds. It is a time when you discover who you are and may want to research your family history.

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Cancer, feel the magic of Luna reminding you that you can achieve anything with dedication. This New Moon brings growth, love, and connection

Leo You should relax and reflect as the New Moon solidifies. The transit will help you build for the future and rediscover what will boost your aspirations. Y

Virgo A fresh start as this New Moon cycle frees you and sets new goals. Saturn sets the tone and pace for the following few years, so your career may be the emphasis. T

Libra Time to recharge and focus on your passions. This cycle might prepare you for your sign's next New Moon. 

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