Unique Breeds of Adorable Bulldogs v

American Bulldog American Bulldogs weigh 60–120 pounds and are strong. A short, fluffy coat comes in numerous hues. American Bulldogs are kind and friendly despite their huge heads and 20–28-inch heights. They are a "big lap dog" who likes kids, per Pet MD

 French Bulldog French Bulldogs (Frenchies) are popular small canines worldwide. Small dogs with bulldog personalities are playful, alert, and irresistible watchdogs

The adaptability of Frenchies makes them ideal for single dog owners, couples, and families. They also demand little exercise, so you will not have to wake up early for that morning walk.E

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English Bulldog Hill's Pet calls English Bulldogs predictable and dependable, but that does not reflect their love and loyalty. These friendly dogs love youngsters and want to be with their owners always

Australian Bulldog Pet Guide says an Australian Bulldog may be happy in a city or a backyard with correct diet, exercise, and attention. They love family and will not leave you, like other bulldogs. They are friendly, loyal, and smart 50–78-pound dogs

Old English Bulldog Dogster says the Olde English Bulldogge is a mix of Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier, Bullmastiff, and American Bulldog. They are athletic and stamina-rich, although they look like other bulldogs.

.The Victorian Bulldog In order to create a healthier breed, the Victorian Bulldog was bred from English Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, Bullmastiffs, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, according to Animal Corner. They are taller (17–19 inches) than English Bulldogs, have a larger nose, and less wrinkles.

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