The most protective dogs are exposed.

The most protective dogs are exposed.

German Shepherd German Shepherds are often considered guard dogs. These dogs are police favorites because they are easy to train, loyal, stamina, and pressure-tolerant.

Cane Corso shows why they make great guard dogs. While not the tallest at 65cm, they are tremendously strong and powerful. The Italian Cane Corso was created as a fighting dog to protect Roman soldiers

Akita may not be the most frightening guard dog breed, but occasionally brains are needed along with power. Akitas were bred decades ago to protect Japanese monarchy from enemies. Inquisitive and distrustful

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Bullmastiff Many have heard the saying, “his bark is worse than his bite.” For many dog breeds, yes, but not the Bullmastiff. This breed has the highest biting force of any dog at 552 pounds per square inch, three twice the average

Doberman's intelligence makes it a fantastic guard dog, as it can protect with little training. The Doberman's innate aggression was bred out, making them family-loving and protective.

Komondor is an unexpected friend against intruders despite its appearance. Komondors are more than just sheep herders—they are protective and dedicated to watch out for the family

Giant Schnauzer, the larger cousin of the Miniature Schnauzer. Bred to herd cattle, these canines are fearless and can fight larger animals. They're robust, pain-resistant, and intelligent