Top Dog Breeds of the Year

Top Dog Breeds of the Year

Bloodhounds may track scents for miles, making them hard to walk, so you must be fit too. This breed is kind, loyal, and easygoing.

Dalmatians are famous for their spotted coats and fire dog history. They're born athletes with muscular bodies bred to guard horses and instructors.

Get wild with Australian cattle dogs. They're distantly linked to fast-moving Australian dingoes. Australian cattle dogs are fast, nimble, and robust. They often outwit their owners, even dog trainers. Australian Cattle Dog

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Bichons make great pet and kid companions. Their tiny size and confidence make them ideal for small flats and city living.

Portuguese water dogs are great lively, easy-to-train family dogs. Though stubborn and mischievous, they're smart and eager to please their owners.

They learn obedience quickly and well. Portuguese water dogs are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts because to their water-repellent coat and dense, curly fur. Even Obamas choose!

Frise Bichon,Due to their friendliness, they make poor watchdogs.