Top American Chain Restaurant Pancakes

 Top American Chain Restaurant Pancakes

Pancakes are probably not what people think of when they think of Whataburger. This chain's "Burger" is wonderful, as the name implies. Its breakfast menu includes meaty breakfast burgers and crisp-edged hash brown sticks.

Most people know Marie Callender's for its frozen pies and substantial dinners. Californians, especially in the south, call it a restaurant. This quaint business is known for its pies, but it also sells pancakes.

West Coast chain Jack in the Box serves sausage sandwiches, croissants, burritos, and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Such a variety of breakfast treats makes the pancakes easy to overlook.

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One bold person declared on Unpopular Opinions in 2021: "McDonald's pancakes are the greatest I've ever heard in terms of quality, consistency, fluffiness, and taste.

In a topic about the best restaurant pancakes, one Redditor said, "I haven't had pancakes in years (celiac)," "My childhood favorite was Perkins. They were great, but I don't know if they exist!

Denny's pancakes are partly responsible for their American fame. They're buttery, cooked to a crisp golden brown, and fluffy no matter how much syrup you pour on them. The key to their success is their consistency:

The Original Pancake House serves great pancakes and syrup in Minnesota and beyond. The chain has an outstanding pancake selection: Hawaiian, Swedish, sourdough, buckwheat,