Top 8 Ways Your Cat Improves Your Health

Cats are naturally energetic and interested, and their enthusiasm can rub off on others. Having a cat requires more movement throughout the day, whether it's for play or just to keep up with their antics

Feather toys and laser pointers are great ways to keep your cat entertained while also getting you up and moving around. Stretching, bending, and reaching during playtime with a cat helps improve flexibility and muscle strength.

Pet ownership might cause stress when you worry about your animal's health or can't figure out how to prevent your dog from breaking your blinds, but on general, pets help people relax

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Having a pet can be helpful in managing hypertension alongside medicine and lifestyle modifications. Researchers looking at stockbrokers found that pet ownership mitigated the effects of stress on their blood pressure.

Cheer up, pet guardians: It's possible that your furry little friend is protecting you from heart disease. Research has shown that cat owners had a 40% lower risk of suffering a deadly heart attack

Whether this is because of the calming benefits of cats or because cat owners tend to have healthier hearts is unknown. You're in luck either way if you're a cat person.

Pets can have a beneficial influence on depression, the National Institute of Mental Health acknowledges animal-assisted therapy as a treatment for depression and other mood disorders.

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