Tips for adjusting to hot weather when running

Tips for adjusting to hot weather when running

Start by walking, not running, and let your body adjust to the heat. Cardiovascular changes, blood plasma volume, and perceived effort should occur within a few days.

Running on a treadmill indoors won't help you adjust to the heat outside, so get outside for short durations each day or in the months leading up to midsummer.

In a hot country, walking and running in the early months of summer will help your body adjust to warmer weather.

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After your GPS watch shows your heart rate has returned to normal, you can run, but gradually increase the distance. Run less than usual. If you usually run at seven out of 10, reduce it to five.

Running in hot temperatures may be harder for women than males since they can't cool off as well, say experts. Women sweat less and heat up slower.

When running in hot weather, women should listen to their bodies and take extra precautions for the first few days and up to a week.

Running daily in the heat can take two weeks or more to acclimate the body. This happens by gradually increasing heat running duration and intensity. Be patient to run safely in the heat.