These Are the 5 Worst NFL Stadiums Ever

Washington Commanders FedEx Field,The itch of nearly two decades under Daniel Snyder may soon be gone with the Washington Commanders' likely sale. 

 Despite who owns the team, FedEx Field stinks, and watching this franchise's diehard fans degrade has been terrible. This venue lacks character, flair, or appeal.

Bottom line: The Tennessee Titans have always seemed odd in their football-crazy state because they will always be the second-most popular team behind the University of Tennessee

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It'll always be the state's second-best stadium after UT. The fact that the team is usually average and doesn't excite fans makes matters worse.

Bottom line: Three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt left after the 2020 season, draining NRG Stadium's vitality.

You probably haven't watched many games at Bank of America Stadium on TV recently because the Carolina Panthers haven't won since 2017 and only once since going 15-1 and reaching the Super Bowl in 2015. 

 The Jacksonville Jaguars' improvement doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if Jacksonville Beach rocks. No matter if they modified the logo and team colors to not appear like a diaper. Stupid place. Avoid this area. 

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