The top NFL Draft QB classes

1983 An ESPN 30 for 30 documentary covered the 1983 quarterback class, which had six first-round picks and three Hall of Famers. Elway, Kelly, and Marino combined for 23 Pro Bowls, while O'Brien made tw

2004 The 2004 draft saw four first-round picks, with Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger expected to be inducted. Four Super Bowls and 18 Pro Bowls went to the three quarterbacks. 

1957 Len Dawson (first round) and Sonny Jurgensen (fourth round) are Hall of Famers, but John Brodie, Jack Kemp, and Milt Plum were all great NFL quarterbacks in 1957

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1971 The 1971 class began with Patriots quarterback Jim Plunkett, Saints quarterback Archie Manning, and Oilers quarterback Dan Pastroini. All three were good NFL players, but third-round pick Ken Anderson

2005 While not as good as 2004, the 2005 class is nonetheless good. Number one pick Alex Smith had a long and successful career, and 24th overall pick Aaron Rodgers became a quarterback with nine Pro Bowls and three MVPs.

.1987 Six quarterbacks from 1987 made the Pro Bowl, but none are Hall of Famers. Rich Gannon led with four Pro Bowls and one MVP after a fourth-round exit. 

1973 The 1973 class had only one quarterback in the first round (Bert Jones), but the class is headlined by Hall of Famer Dan Fouts (third round), Ron Jaworski (second round), and Joe Ferguson (third round). Second-round pick Gary Huff also started parts of three seasons.

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