The Best Cat Communication Tips

The Best Cat Communication Tips

Cats enjoy playing, but some pastimes are off-limits. Laser pointers are terrible cat toys.

People should never yell at their cats, chastise them, or spray them with water. This can lead to them getting fearful or uncomfortable around you. When cats feel terrified, it could trigger them to bite.

If their ears are pushed back, they're probably upset. Move slowly if they seem uncomfortable to avoid scaring them.

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Certain diffusers simulate pheromone smells, attracting cats to the space. They feel calm or joyful with these fragrances.

A cat's optimal temperature is 86–100°F. A heating pad might aid people who don't want their house too heated.

A long stick with a toy is recommended. Click the clicker whenever the pet brushes its nose to the stick. Give them a treat.

This helps cats feel comfortable and more willing to approach. They may associate a smile with slow blinking. This seemingly minor detail can make or break your cat's approach.