Terrier breeds you may not know

Terrier breeds you may not know

Airedale males stand 23 inches in shoulder height with brown and black patterns and a thick, wiry coat. They are the largest Terrier breed. Aire River Valley to hunt otters and water rats, but they have numerous skills.

Border Terriers The 18th-century breed was employed to chase foxes out of their tunnels during hunts, but it now lives in cities and the countryside. If taught, Border Terriers are energetic and nice with kids,

The Bull Terriers Children are their passion, but they need early socialization and frequent activity. With their large, egg-shaped heads, Bull Terriers are unusual and full of personality.

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Terriers Carin These intriguing creatures still hunt small animals and dig. Though little, they're plenty of character. Friendly, sweet, and devoted, they make great pets.

Jack Russell Terrier Though little, they have strong personalities and don't behave small. This energetic dog is best for experienced owners because it's hard to teach. They are friendly pets but need exercise and play.

Mini Schnauzer Though little, they're fearless. If socialized early, Miniature Schnauzers make great family dogs. These entertaining dogs are little and easy to carry. They also shed little.

Scottish Terrier The Scottish Terrier is smart, independent, and confident. They are stubborn, hard to teach, and not suitable for households with young children or other pets, yet they are friendly and loyal.