Scorpio love compatibility and best matches

Scorpio love compatibility and best matches

Scorpio & Aries: Temperamental Conflict Your personalities clash. Active and dominant, Aries must lead. Your stubbornness is hard to overcome. You have great sexual chemistry, but your life styles might cause major conflicts.

Scorpio & Taurus: Hot or Very Cold Strong and domestic, Taurus. You share sexual chemistry and want security, commitment, and constancy. Your differences can help you grow, but they can also cause cold battles.

Different Natures: Scorpio, Gemini You're faithful. Gemini is erratic. You're private. Social butterfly Gemini. Gemini adapts. Stubborn and determined. Gemini flirts. Get jealous. This passionate relationship is difficult and confusing.

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Scorpio and Cancer Could Be Soulmates Water in Cancer flows like a brook. Cancer and you compliment each other. Together, your talents balance each other's shortcomings, and Cancer's loving nature can heal.

A Difficult Scorpio-Leo Match You want privacy, safety, and comfort. Leo wants admiration. You like dim corners. Leo enjoys bright lighting. Both of you are stubborn. You can be a power couple with an agenda.

Scorpio & Virgo: Lifelong Slow Burn You and Virgo are careful, restrained, curious, and thrifty. Each of you is independent and cherishes solitude. You're complementary in strengths and shortcomings. You love life's little nuances and are private

Scorpio & Scorpio: Complex You share an intuitive understanding and psychic connection. Your goals, interests, and emotions are similar. Same-sign couples magnify their signs, for better or worse.