Rucking is an accessible method of exercise

Ruck marching, a global military technique, inspired the phrase “rucking”. The US Army requires recruits to complete a 12-mile ruck, or foot march, in three hours with 35 pounds of gear to obtain an Expert Infantryman Badge. 

Its easy, low-impact, all-body workout that improves cardiovascular and muscular health may be why rucking is becoming more popular. A tiny September 2019 study found that 10 weeks of weighted walking

Another January 2019 study indicated that weighted step training enhanced lower-limb muscle power and functional abilities in older women, potentially extending their independence by over 10 years.

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Rucking is simple—walking with a backpack—but there are a few things to consider before you go. First, don't aim high. Any new workout should be started slowly.

Stephenson advised starting with an empty backpack and walking a distance already covered. Try adding 10% of your body weight to your pack when starting. Gain weight gradually to avoid stressing your ankles, knees, hips, and back.

Try a weighted vest instead of a backpack. The weight is split between your front and rear. After getting used to the vest, transition to a backpack. Don't use any old pack.

Your pack should include a waist strap to reduce movement and equally distribute weight. It should be firm against your back and not pull away from the shoulders.

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