Rarest cat breeds in US

Rarest cat breeds in US

Sphynx The sphynx is hairless unlike others. Only a little coating of fuzz covers its body, making it a warm-weather lover. Think blankets, sun, and owners' laps.

Scottish fold Its lovely folded ears distinguish the Scottish fold. Its round, marble-like eyes, usually yellow or light blue, are charming. It's no surprise this breed has spawned countless online famous cats!

Toyger The toyger, a mix of “toy” and “tiger,” debuted in the US in the 1980s. Breeders bred a Bengal with a striped domestic cat to mimic tiger markings. The only authorized toyger color is “brown mackerel tabby.

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Devon rex This breed looks like the Cornish rex with its huge ears, small head, and wavy coat, however it has different DNA. Devon rex are smaller and have shorter hair than Cornish rex

Khao manee Because of the striking contrast between their silky, flawlessly white coats and their vivid blue, yellow, or otherwise unusual eyes, khao manees are commonly referred to as "diamond eye" in English.

Munchkin Munchkins, known as “sausage cats,” have short legs due to a genetic abnormality. The Wizard of Oz's short-statured people inspired their moniker. The munchkin is not widely recognized as a breed.

Javanese Javanese cats, commonly known as oriental longhairs or mandarins, are related to Balinese and Siamese cats but originate from the US. Long graceful faces, wide triangular ears that point backward, and soft medium-long coats distinguish these cats