Recipes for the Season's Sweet Potatoes

Although healthy sweet potato casserole is often associated with Thanksgiving, it is a wonderful addition to any meal.

Roasted sweet potatoes are unparalleled in flavor. The intoxicating taste of caramelization fills your senses. They're great on their own, but in a salad they reach new heights. The evidence is in this roasted sweet potato salad.

Some of the most delicious sweet potato fries you can cook at home are in the air fryer. The air fryer guarantees flawless results every time. Use your preferred dipping sauce and serve!

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You're about to discover a new, irreplaceable morning staple: Sweet Potato Toast. Toast some sweet potato slices and load them up with all your favorite fixings. Easy!

The best chowders are meaty, thick, and soothing. This Sweet Potato Chowder is just what you've been looking for. To round up the dinner, serve with some crusty garlic bread and a side salad.

The underappreciated stuffed sweet potato. As a meal, they are incredibly satisfying and nutritious, not to mention delicious. Not convinced? Try this Sweet Potato with Hummus Stuffing.

This sweet potato curry is cooked in a slow cooker and is delicious. You won't be hungry for hours after eating it because of its high fat and calorie content and the delightful, fragrant curry scents.

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