Nobody Brings the Best Potluck Desserts

Nobody Brings the Best Potluck Desserts

The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie If you need a foolproof chocolate dessert for a potluck, go no further than this recipe.

Bars with Chocolate Chips, Pecans, and Meringue These bars are the result of a combination of two recipes I've had stashed away for years: chocolate chip cookies and pecan meringues.

Custard and Rhubarb Bars After sampling one of these decadent bars, I knew I had to get the recipe in order to impress my loved ones with my culinary skills. People are motivated to track down rhubarb

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Bites of Brownie with Bourbon These simple, vibrant snacks are flavored with chocolate and chopped nuts. If you want to share this with others and enjoy it yourself, make a double batch.

Crispy Apple Cake This delicious apple fritter cake was the result of my efforts to transform a beer bread into a sweet treat.

Snickerdoodle Bars with Caramel Frosting When I couldn't choose between two delicious sweets, what did I do? I joined the two! Caramel, a tried-and-true favorite

Dipped Cannolis One of my family's favorite foods is ricotta. I improvised a "chips and dip" snack by combining broken ice cream waffle shells with a homemade cannoli filling.