Make Your Own Butter With One Ingredient to Save Money

Butter is familiar to most! It's the addictively creamy thing you use on bread, in French sauces, on potatoes, and in baking!  Butter contains butterfat, milk proteins, and water

Butter can be salted or unsalted and prepared from cow's, sheep, goat, buffalo, or yak milk. Most butter is 80% fat (82% European-style) and solid at room temperature but melts quickly when heated.

Butter was hand-churned from the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution. The cream was placed in a barrel and churned for hours with a plunger. It takes a long time to create butter

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Even up to 36 hours, the cream would often sour before the butter was ready! Can you imagine?! Modern mechanical churns replace that technique.

t's simple and just needs one ingredient. Most homemade butter recipes use heavy cream, the milk fat that rises to the top of non-homogenized milk. Heavy cream has 36%–40% fat, greater than whipped cream and half-and-half. 

Pour heavy cream into a stand mixer bowl or a deep, chip-resistant basin. Whip cream on medium speed. Use the whisk attachment on a stand mixer. When it thickens, increase the speed to medium-high.

The cream will initially whisk, then form stiff peaks, and then cling to the beaters as the butterfat separates. After 10 minutes, the butter will be firm with liquid on top.

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