Horoscope for the Week of September 17th - 23rd

Aries The week begins with the moon in Libra, Aries, making it ideal for relationship harmony. You'll feel a building intensity throughout the week, encouraging you to explore your passions and feel your emotions.

Taurus Enjoy your earthly cravings while staying grounded this week. Start by finding comfort in your routine, noting what works for you, and stick with it since it provides consistency.

Gemini Gemini, this week is about communication, so be open-minded. Deep chats will deepen your relationship with loved ones, so be empathetic as you share your soul.

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Cancer Cancer will focus on home and family this week. You may cultivate these things by caring for a loved one, cleaning, or redesigning your area to make it more attractive.

Leo Leo's week to shine. Use it while you're feeling bright—you'll feel refreshed after being sick. Accept possibilities, leave your comfort zone, and pursue your desires.

Virgos should focus on preparing for success in the first part of the week. Whatever works for you, prepare. Perhaps that involves creating a calm, uncluttered place or altering your regular routine.

Libra Libra should start the week with self-care. Allow yourself time to be balanced, grounded, and even throughout the week. This will put pressure on your relationships. No big deal, but a clear head will assist with the oddity.

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