Foods That Are Bad for You

Foods That Are Bad for You

Despite its movie-watching appeal, microwave popcorn includes hazardous toxins. Many popcorn products use trans fats and PFOA-lined packaging. This acid is highly poisonous.

Frosting tastes great on cakes but is really unhealthy. Store-bought frostings contain hydrogenated soybean oil and cottonseed oil, which can cause type 2 diabetes,

Some cheeses are healthy in moderation, but others should be avoided. Most unhealthily processed cheeses are Kraft American Singles and Velveeta.


Maple syrup's rich, sweet flavour makes it a popular breakfast condiment. Moreover, it is nutritionally worthless.

Given its health benefits, brown rice's harmful label seems ludicrous. Live Science says it lowers cholesterol, prevents blood clots, and lowers glycemic index.

Margarine is a commonly used butter alternative that provides heart-friendly benefits but isn't healthful.

Though cheap, canned soup isn't the healthiest pick at the grocery store. Canned soup has too much sodium, per Men's Journal.