Everybody Ought to Know How to Cook Traditional Jewish Food

Making Matzo Ball Soup recipe is like coming home to a warm and loving hug. It's has everything you could want in a bowl of soup: chicken, matzo balls, carrots, celery, and onions

Passover bread replacement is great for passing around the table. It requires just five ingredients and may be made with any extra matzo cake meal you may have lying around

No matter what name you give this salt-cured fish, it is always a pleasant addition to a bagel, cracker, or toast. Although you may find several variations of this popular fish at your local supermarket

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The Nosher editor and home cook Shannon Sarna presents the recipe for the rainbow cookies that have become a family favorite

Potato latkes are a traditional dish served during Hanukkah and beyond. They go well with either applesauce or sour cream, or both. Try them with smoked salmon or poached eggs for a little bit of added adventure.

Enjoying a roast with the family for dinner never gets old. Especially when the meat has been braised for hours and literally melts in your mouth, as is the case with brisket

One-pot solutions, in two words. Shakshuka, a staple of the Middle Eastern and North African cuisines, consists of eggs fried in a spicy tomato sauce and requires only that one pan.

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