Each astrological sign's worst tendencies

The fire signs know how to keep things interesting with their boldness, bravery, and brashness, but they also have a tendency to burn too brightly and have heated tempers.

Aries often resort to cursing. They are so intent on making their point that they will often take rash action to do it.

Aries has a tendency to interrupt because they feel compelled to share their thoughts as soon as they occur to them. Less coffee, more listening, and some deep breaths should help with the impulsiveness.

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Leos have a horrible habit of clinging to employment or relationships that no longer benefit them out of a fear of change. Oversharing online under the premise of "being real"

Despite appearing to be the most self-assured of the signs, Leos' worst traits typically involve feelings of insecurity and jealously. Because of this, people tend to put too much stock in outward looks

The Sagittarius is a dedicated worker, yet they have a tendency to push themselves too far. They lack patience and often rush into things without a plan, resulting in unnecessary extra effort.

Intelligent, inquisitive, and sociable as a rule, Air signs can be challenging to get to know on a deeper level due to their elusive nature.

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