Daily Finance Scope, September 20, 2023

Daily Finance Scope, September 20, 2023

Aries Feeling concerned about someone else's impatience and agitation is no cause to sign. Once the ink dries, they'll be gone, but your choice will endure. You have enough karma to avoid their anger. Make use of it.

Taurus Though you may not have the Midas touch, you don't have donkey ears yet. Punishment doesn't affect your finances, so don't worry about it. If it helps, your position is almost entirely non-personal.

Gemini Avoid worrying about your reputation. Because they're not paying attention, others see you the same way. You enjoy that they're too focused on their careers to notice you right now.

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Cancer When did life become a mystery? This time last year, earlier, later? You must now determine when everything changed. Do not waste valuable energy on something for tomorrow's history. Daydreaming is all it is.

Leo Everyone you do business with today is telling you to hold onto your wallet. Are you paranoid or is your intuition telling you something? If it's unclear, don't pay. Instead, be cautious.

Virgo Leave everyone to their own devices and little will get done. You should set the pace, not anticipate it. Don't worry about it being final. Even after starting, everything might change.

Libra Being busy is natural. But you can tip the scales if you don't watch. Keep your head down and work hard. Don't consider starting another project until you finish the current one.