Cutest Dog Breeds That Never Stop Being Puppies

The Pomeranian is a popular Toy breed because he or she is little but plenty of energy. This breed makes a great (and adorable) companion, but only after much socialization and training.

These cute little bundles of fluff will never lose their puppy faces, and the fact that they remain so small certainly helps this."

Maltese little dogs have a long tradition of being kept as pets. Carbridge claims that the Ancient Greeks and Romans favored Melitaie as lapdogs, and that the breed was shown on ceramics and paintings

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The length of their silky coats, which can reach the floor, has made them famous. Because of its stately appearance, many people tie bows on their Maltese. 

"Their natural coat is long and silky, although many owners opt to have it clipped to make maintenance easier," Carbridge says. Although they tend to be loud, this is easily fixed with early training. 

The Corgi is a popular breed of herding dog, despite its short stature. Carbridge notes that while they may have had longer legs in the past, they are still experts at what they do now

They look like puppies because of their tiny stature and babylike features. It's easy to forget that Corgis are energetic herding dogs that require regular mental and physical stimulation.

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