Vet tech lists 7 least desirable dog breeds

Vet tech lists 7 least desirable dog breeds

One mastiff,"Too much drool!" Hulbert says of the Mastiff. She's probably right. With an AKC drool rating of 4 out of 5, Mastiffs are close to the "always have a towel" level.

Husky,Hulbert is also blunt about the Siberian Husky. These magnificent dogs "will eat all your walls and just scream!"

Shar Peis are recognized for their adorable wrinkly skin, but they also have issues. You can "call them the'skin infection.'" Hulbert lists these dogs.


Hulbert called German Shepherds "the BIGGEST scaredy-cats!" Despite their fearsome appearance.

Beware of fluffy Chow Chows' charming and cuddly appearance, unlike German Shepherds. Hulbert warns. She says this breed "will eat the [expletive] out of you!" on TikTok.

Health issues are common with bulldogs, so Hulbert advises, "You better be able to afford a vet bill EVERY MONTH!"

 Chihuahua,Finally, the small yet powerful Chihuahua. Chihuahuas "bites everyone with ZERO remorse!" Hulbert ends her TikTok.