Cat Breeds that Love Water

Joan Miller, Cat Fanciers' Association outreach and education chair, said Sphynxes need to be bathed regularly from an early age and like water because they lack hair. Sphynxes are energetic, acrobatic, and love attention. 

Maine Coon Maine Coons, one of the largest domestic cat breeds, are placid, obedient, and water-loving. Miller noted that a lifelong Maine Coon breeder even jumps into the tub with his cats to bathe them!

Maine Coons and other water-obsessed cats may litter their water dishes. Choose a heavy-duty water bowl and a pet-friendly drinking fountain to satisfy their curiosity without spilling.

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Turkish Van Turkish Vans, which have a long history as swimmers, grew a thick coat in winter and shed their hair in summer to swim and fish in Lake Van, Turkey. Due of their need to fish, several breeds still enjoy swimming. 

A drawback to a water-loving breed? Miller claims they can simply unlock bathroom and kitchen sinks. She added some will learn to open the faucet if they can, so watch for overflowing sinks.

A British Shorthair Curious breeds like the smart and friendly British Shorthair are captivated by anything that moves, like faucet water.

The Abyssinian The Abyssinian's silky, multicolored coat distinguishes it as lively and entertaining. Independent Abyssinians with green or gold eyes love their owners.

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