Cat Breeds That Love Snuggles and Scratches

Maine Coon Why are these cats called "gentle giant." Experts say this giant cat breed is a softy despite being nine to 18 pounds. Their high-pitched, soft meow is unexpected for such a large fur ball.

One of the friendliest cat breeds, these cats get along with humans and other cats, making them excellent for multi-pet households.

Burmese The Burmese, a beautiful southeast Asian cat, is a superb lap cat. These sociable, compact, stocky cat types love snuggling and let their humans know when they seek attention.

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"This has been consistent with Burmese vet visits." One of the nicest cat breeds, they behave nicely at the vet.Siamese Siamese cats are friendly, despite their wicked reputation in Lady and the Tramp. 

.Bombay Who thinks black cats are unlucky? Despite being called "the miniature panther," these black beauties are more friends than predators. In fact, Washburn calls them "gorgeous creatures that are often great with kids.

" This uncommon cat breed is kind to owners and strangers.Persian These fluffy white cats are Bond villains' pets. However, Persians are one of the nicest cat species and adore being held and petted, disproving the bad-guy stereotype.

Short exotic hair Exotic Shorthairs are Persian-American Shorthair hybrids. Thus, they resemble Persians in appearance and behavior. Their short coats require less care than long-haired cat varieties like the Persian, making them suitable for busy people

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