Best Alternatives to Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving

Not all pumpkin uses include baking. The traditional autumnal vegetable can now be enjoyed in a dessert reminiscent of the Italian specialty tiramisu. If you give this recipe a try

Make a quick and easy centerpiece to set the stage for your Thanksgiving sweets. The use of a cake mix and melted candy coating makes this turkey cake quick and simple to put together and decorate.

This pumpkin spice custard cooked in a slow cooker is a family favorite. The latte flavor comes from the espresso powder. 

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This is what my German husband's family calls Oma's apfelkuchen, or "Grandma's apple cake." The recipe has been passed around for over 150 years now. I prefer Granny Smith apples, but any other kind would do. 

I was motivated to make this chocolate pumpkin tart by my appreciation for the complementarity of pumpkin spice and chocolate. For a different flavor and texture

The most traditional Polish form of this dessert calls for plums and poppy seeds, but you may also use nectarines or apricots. Do not force the plums down into the batter.

Easily make an apple crisp with this recipe! This sweet treat can be easily made by novice chefs and is sure to please. Because there is no crust and only a crumbly topping, it is very easy to prepare.

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