Apple Innovations You Have not Tried

Marcona Almond Apple Risotto Delicious 35-minute Apple Risotto with apple flavors. Crispy Marcona almonds top apple risotto, a delightful side or meal. Make the creamiest, easiest risotto with my no-stir method!

Egg Rolls: Apple Pie These crispy Apple Pie Egg Rolls have a tangy, somewhat sweet green apple filling. They are perfect for breakfast or brunch.Easy Apple-Bean Stew Easy apple and bean stew with rosey harissa and crispy apple slices. This delicious apple recipe will be your favorite

Authentic Spicy Apple Curry Sri Lankan roasted curry powder adds earthy spiciness and strong flavors to green apples in this warm, sweet, spicy curry! This vegan Sri Lankan apple curry is delicious and easy to mak

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Paleo, Whole30, Vegan Apple Nachos Simple recipe for Healthy Apple Nachos are a great kid or adult snack, appetizer, or treat. They please sugar-free crowds and are easy to make ahead.Cheese Grilled Apple Cheddar

Salty, sour, creamy cheddar and sweet, acidic, crispy apples create a harmonious mixture. Add some spicy red onion and peppery arugula to grilled cheese and apple slices for a delicious meal.Apple Pie Pot Stickers Apple Pie Pot Stickers are Chinese pan-fried dumplings filled with apples,

cinnamon, and ginger and served with a simple cinnamon ginger caramel sauce. Ideal Mid-Autumn Festival dessert.Dietary Apple Donuts Looking for a fun, healthy kid snack? These apple donuts are perfect. They resemble doughnuts and are healthful.

Simple Baked Apple Chips The ultimate baked delight, Apple Chips, only require cinnamon and apples. Ideal for lunchbox or after-school snacks.Apple-Potato Salad This simple apple-potato salad is excellent for a summer BBQ. 

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