10 NFL Teams' Seasons Are Over

10 NFL Teams' Seasons Are Over

Houston Texans,Carr established a league record with 76 sacks as a rookie and was extremely pocket-shy throughout his career.

Arizona Cardinals,After losing Kyler Murray to a broken ACL and hiring Jonathan Gannon as head coach, the Arizona Cardinals were surprisingly competitive against the Washington Commanders

The Chicago Bears were a highly anticipated club this offseason. Everything seems set to rise in Chicago.


The Minnesota Vikings were everyone's favorite team to dislike in 2022 because they won coin flip games despite a 13-4 record and everyone and their mother thought the team was good by luck.

New England Patriots,Let’s admit... Even though Bill Belichick is considered a top NFL coach, these are not your typical New England Patriots.

The Indianapolis Colts improved on their season-opening loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2 against the awful Texans.

After Aaron Rodgers' shocking, nearly instantaneous injury, the Jets rallied to win their Week 1 encounter with the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football,