A Pairing of Yummy Sweets

Chocolate Bread Pudding Chocolate distinguishes this bread pudding recipe, making it enjoyable. Rich, soothing dessert. 

 Fort Worth, Texas' Mildred SherrerDouble Blackberry Crisp I tweaked my mother-in-law's recipe for this comforting dessert for two.

Berry Parfaits Berry season in June is great. This simple recipe combines berries with cheesecake, a refreshing alternative to pudding and fruit parfaits. 

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Visit RecipeDark Chocolate Pecan Cake One loaf pan makes this delicious chocolate cake with a nutty praline layer and two layers of fluffy whipped cream.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Cream I received this recipe from a friend years ago. Rich and creamy, yet refreshing. I make this often in early summer when rhubarb is plentiful.

Cocoa Meringues On a humid day, meringues can be difficult, but your favorite bakery sells them if you are craving them.

Rice Pudding Growing up with great cooks was lucky. My mother and grandmother encouraged me to experiment with recipes, and we kept changing this one.

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