7 Surprising Benefits of Daily Magnesium

7 Surprising Benefits of Daily Magnesium

A magnesium deficit might make it hard to sleep, says Ana Reisdorf, MS, RD, founder of The Food Trends, to Best Life. Adding a supplement can improve your sleep.

Reisdorf thinks magnesium may help with mental health issues including anxiety and sadness.

Magnesium helps with bowel motions by increasing intestinal water, according to the University of Michigan.

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Since magnesium is "essential to bone formation and enamel," Wheeler claims it benefits bone health.

The American Migraine Foundation says magnesium oxide helps migraineurs with aura. According to the foundation, magnesium may block brain transmission that causes sensory changes.

With heart disease the main cause of mortality in the U.S., many are exploring for strategies to lower our risk. Experts suggest magnesium supplements may help.

Magnesium's favorable effect on blood sugar is surprising, according to Heather Sandison, a prominent Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia (ADRD) expert, operator of Solcere, and originator of the Marama Experience.