5 Cat Facts You May Not Have Heard Before

5 Cat Facts You May Not Have Heard Before

Only cats, camels, and giraffes walk the same manner. Have you noticed cats walking? They move their left hind leg and left foreleg forward, and their right legs too!

Cats navigate via their whiskers. Because they're nearly the same breadth as their bodies, cats use them to determine if a space is wide enough.

Scientists discovered in 2005 that they lack the “hardwire” to taste sweets. Their design was for lots of meat

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They have trouble processing carbohydrates, which can cause diabetes. Even if a cat likes the fragrance, texture, or salt of a sweet, don't let them overdo it.

 Whiskers assist cats figure out where they can fit, which helps them with “if I fits, I sits.”

Meowing was developed so cats could communicate with humans.

These five facts help us comprehend the interesting cats we love, but there's more to learn.