28 of the Best Casserole Recipes

Bean and Pasta Bake vegetarian casserole is packed with flavor and nutrition thanks to its combination of substantial white beans, filling pasta, and luscious cherry tomatoes.

Casserole of vegetarian enchiladas Reduced-effort enchilada recipe. Stacked with fresh produce, protein, and carbs like beans, cheese, and enchilada sauce.

Total time to make this baked ravioli casserole is only approximately 20 minutes! Refrigerated cheese ravioli from the grocery store ensures 

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Enjoy all your favorite Chicken Cordon Bleu tastes in a simple and tasty pasta bake with this recipe! Ham and chicken are combined with pasta in a rich cheese sauce before being covered with breadcrumbs

This Kimchi Mac and Cheese is packed with melty cheese that will make your mouth water, a crunchy topping, and refreshing bursts of kimchi that perfectly balance off the richness of the cheese.

Enchilada Bake is so simple to make with ingredients you either have on hand or can quickly defrost in the freezer that it will quickly become a family favorite. 

For maximum flavor, ground turkey is mixed with Doritos, veggies, Greek yogurt, taco seasoning, and other ingredients to make cool ranch turkey taco casserole.

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