2023's Top Recipes for the Air Fryer

When properly prepared, fried chicken can be both crunchy on the exterior and tender and moist within. The secret to the amazing crunch of this breaded chicken is a coating of crushed Ritz crackers

This Brussels sprout dish is a family favorite. The air fryer makes short work of crisping the halved sprouts, and the herbed bread crumbs are the icing on the cake

In the air fryer, each person can customize their own pizza to their liking. You can use premade pizza dough, or make your own using a pound of flour to get four pizzas of standard size (4 inches in diameter)

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This recipe works well with ciabatta, baguette, or sourdough, or any other firm, crusty bread. The bread can be topped ahead of time and frozen until it's ready to be cooked.

The sweet and spicy sauce is what makes these meatballs so memorable. Sweetness comes from orange marmalade, honey, and brown sugar, while spicy heat comes from hot sauce

In the spring, when asparagus is plentiful, you can never have too many asparagus dishes. Although slathering raw asparagus in mayonnaise before cooking may seem counterintuitive,

A recipe for coconut shrimp that tastes just as wonderful at home as it does in a fancy restaurant? Count us in! Try to find packets that say they contain between 26 and 35 shrimp per pound.

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